My name is Lokesh Koshti from India, I am a Passionate writer and dog lover since my childhood. I am an engineering graduate in 2012 and working as a Mechanical Engineer. I am also loving to play cricket and listening music.

I am the admin of this website https://vinayakdogtrainandcare.com/. Why am I started to write an article on dog food, care, and training? When I was a kid my father always suggest to me what food I should give to my dog and what foods I can not feed to my dog.

So I feel that this is a very common question to all dog owners. So that I had started to write an article on this website.


I am not a professional vet or giving any food or health suggestion to you. I am just sharing my knowledge about dog food, care & train. So you should always consult your vet before giving any food to your dog.

I hope that you will enjoy and get knowledge by reading my articles. If you have to share or want to ask any question, please drop a mail to me: [email protected]. I will try to give your answer as soon as possible.