Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit | Why it is Best Fruit

What Is Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit belongs to the cactus family. It is generally catalogued as exotic or tropical fruit and is also called a pitahaya. Dragon fruit is grown predominantly in Southeast Asia, Florida, the Caribbean, Australia and all tropical and subtropical regions. Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit? Is dragon Fruit Good for Dogs?

Its name “dragon fruit” derives from its oriental origin, where the dragon has a strong symbolic value and shape. Externally, the dragon fruit is composed of rubbery and pointed petals that cover the fruit’s outer skin. 

They also make it similar to the “armor” that covers dragons in representations. It looks a little like the prickly pear but is larger. It also seems that in their natural habitat, they can reach considerable dimensions. The peel is usually red, purple or yellow.

These fruits can be of different types. There are, for example, white pulp – which is the most common – or red pulp with shades that can reach pink, and both are studded with small black dots. 

They have high water content and contain a good dose of iron, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin C, fructose, dietary fiber, sodium and other minerals. This is why their nutritional value is very high.

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit | Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit

can dogs eat dragon fruit
can dogs eat dragon fruit

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Dragon Fruit. Dragon fruit for dogs is completely nontoxic for dogs. Of course, dogs can not eat seeds of the other fruit, but in the case of dragon fruit, grains are not toxic for the dogs, and dogs can also eat seeds of the dragon fruit.

There is several health benefits of dragon fruit for dogs as well as humans. Dragon fruit help dogs to boost the immune system, Cancer fighter, Improve the digestive system, reduce the risk of diabetes, Makes bones stronger, Good for the heart, and many others.

But dogs can not eat the skin of the dragon fruit because it is difficult to chew and causes some blockage issues. So you must have to remove the skin of the dragon fruit for dogs when feeding. So the answer to the question ” can dog eat dragon fruit or can dog have dragon fruit” is Yes, Dogs can eat dragon fruit. The answer to another question, “Can dogs eat dragon fruit skin” is No, It is difficult to chew in creating a blockage issue.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Dogs

Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Dogs
Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Dogs

The benefits of the dragon fruit for dogs are as below.

  • Boost the Immune System: Dragon fruit is a very good source of Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system of the dog’s body so that dog can fight against many diseases.
  • Protect Against Cancer: Dragon fruit contains a very good amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants help the cells from damage that causes cancer. So dragon fruit for dogs is a cancer fighter.
  • Improve Digestive System: Dragon fruit source of carbohydrates that is responsible for improving the digestive system. Dragon fruit also contains fibers. They also improve the digestive system.
  • Protect against Diabetes: Fibers of the dragon fruit maintain the blood sugar level, reducing the chances of spikes from diabetes.
  • Good for Heart Health: Dogs can eat seeds of the dragon fruit which contains omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid that are helpful for heart health and minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Makes Bones Stronger: The magnesium of the dragon fruit for dogs helps make stronger bones and Joints.
  • Make Skin & Coat Healthy: Dragon fruit is the source of Vitamin E that is good for nerve cell membrane, makes the skin & coat healthy and shiny.
  • Good For Eyes: Dragon fruit contains Beta Carotene prevented from eye problems like cataracts and macular. Beta carotene also prevents the body from infections.

We can say that Dragon fruits for dogs are very healthy because of the above benefits. So the answer to the question ” Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit or Can Dogs Have Dragon Fruit ” is Yes, it is a very healthy fruit for dogs.

Is Dragon Fruit Good for Dogs | Is Dragon fruit safe for dogs

Is Dragon Fruit Good For Dogs | Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit
Is Dragon Fruit Good For Dogs

Yes, Dragon fruit is not only good but safe and healthy also. Dragon Fruit for dogs contains several vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin E
  • Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Omega-6 fatty acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Carbohydrates
  • Beta Carotene
  • Magnesium
  • Fibers
  • Calcium
  • Protein

Dragon Fruit is the source of above vitamins and minerals so that Dragon fruit for dogs is very healthy and help to Improve immune system, Prevents from diabetes, prevents from cancer, fight against the many diseases, good for eyes, Makes bones and joints stronger, good for the digestive system. 

Because of these benefits, we can say that “is dragon fruit good for dogs or Is Dragon Fruit safe for dogs or Can dogs eat dragon fruit, can dogs have dragon fruit” – Yes, dragon fruit for dogs is good and healthy, it is bad when the dog ate it too much.

Side Effect: Is Dragon Fruit Bad For Dogs?

Is Dragon Fruit Bad For Dogs
Is Dragon Fruit Bad For Dogs

Yes, Dragon fruit becomes bad if a dog eats too much dragon fruit. There may be below symptoms if the dog eats dragon fruit too much:

  • Dragon Fruit contains sugar. If your dog eats too much dragon fruit, the dog’s weight increases and creates other health problems.
  • If your dog eats too much dragon fruit (Sugar), the sugar stays in the dog’s teeth and damages them.
  • Eating too much sugar can badly affect the Intestine and Stomach & creating some digestive issues also.

It is recommended to feed a proper quantity of dragon fruit for dogs is beneficial. So answer the question,” is dragon fruit bad for dogs or can dogs eat dragon fruit too much” No, dogs can not eat dragon fruit too much because it contains sugar.

Can Dogs eat dragon fruit skin

No, Dogs can not eat dragon fruit skin because it is hard enough to chew for dogs. 

Also, if your dog ate the skin of the dragon fruit, there may be some blockage issue in the intestine because it is not easy to digest.

Dragon fruit for dogs is very healthy for dogs, but the skin of dragon fruit can create some problems for your dog. 

You must have to remove the skin of dragon fruit before feeding them and throw it outside to where a dog can not reach. So answer to the question “can dogs eat dragon fruit skin” is No, it is difficult to digest

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit Seeds

Yes, dogs can eat dragon fruit seeds. Normally dogs can not eat seeds of the fruits and vegetables that are toxic, but dogs can eat dragon fruit seeds because they are completely nontoxic for dogs.

You can also make juice of dragon food along with seeds and feed them safely. So “can dogs eat dragon fruit seeds or can dogs have dragon fruit seeds” – Yes, It is safe.

How to Give Dragon Fruit for Dogs

There are several different ways can dogs eat dragon fruit for dogs, one of which involves the use of juicers. One way is to pour some juice into a bowl and then use the juicer to extract the liquid into a jar.

Another method is to use the juicer and then add milk or yogurt to the mixture to replace some of the lost nutrients during the extraction process. There are several different recipes available that you can experiment with.

Because many of these health benefits are gained from a new source, it can be beneficial to try and supplement your pet’s diet with this powerful fruit. 

You can buy dried dragon fruit in various pet stores and online, and there are even health bars that promote the power of dragon fruit for dogs. 

However, it is important to make sure that you do not overdose on your dog because certain amounts of fruit are toxic to animals.

What happens if my dog ate Dragon Fruit too much?

What happens if my dog ate dragon fruit? If you are wondering what will happen if your dog ate a large, over-the-counter, orange-like fruit, then you might want to consider this scenario: 

Your dog goes to the bathroom, comes back in a short amount of time, and throws up. Within an hour, your dog is covered in viscous green goop and looks very miserable indeed. 

You take her to the vet, who is unable to help because he does not know what the cause of the green goop is. 

After a failed attempt at surgery, your vet would have to amputate your dog’s front stomach, and then waste hundreds of dollars in surgeries and drugs in order to try to prevent more stomach damage.

What happens if my dog ate dragon fruit? Dragon fruit can be very deadly for dogs! If your dog were to eat just one slice of the sweet, acidic treat, she could die within two hours. 

In fact, even if the dog survives the initial toxic shock after eating the fruit, the after effects will cause death within eight hours. 

Because of this danger, it is highly recommended that no matter what kind of fruit you’re feeding your dog, you always supervise her when she eats it, or better yet, you should never feed your dog anything to begin with, but instead, you should always keep some kibble handy to munch on.

What happens if my dog ate dragon fruit and now she has a severe case of diarrhea? 

If your dog’s diarrhea was caused by ingesting too much dragon fruit, then you can ease her discomfort by giving her Vitamin C and broth, which will help flush out the toxins that are causing her distress. 

You can also try giving your dog Adequan, which contains Vitamin C and magnesium. If these remedies did not work, then it’s time to take her to the vet for an emergency visit. 

In this situation, it is important to treat the diarrhea immediately, since there may be further complications to her health.

What about Pink & Yellow Dragon Fruit?

The benefits of Pink Dragon fruit for dogs are well known. These fruits can help your dog in maintaining a healthy metabolism, improve their digestion, make their bones stronger and much more. 

But, before the common knowledge about the importance of these fruits was spread all over the world, it was in fact originated in China. In ancient China, these fruits were used as a staple for their dogs. 

The locals said that if a dog likes the taste of this fruit, then it is a sign of health and longevity. 

The reason for this was that the ancient people who lived in China believed that these fruits can somehow help improve the immune system of the animal, thus making them strong and fit for fighting off any diseases.

Today, this belief has made its way over to most parts of the world. People from Europe and America have also seen the health benefits of these fruits and they incorporate it into their diets for their dogs as well. 

You can see people eating different kinds of foods for their dogs such as chicken, beef, and vegetables but not meat products such as beef liver, or kidney, which is why you can hardly find any of them eating such meat. 

So now you know why Pink Dragon fruit for dogs is so important because it helps improve the immunity of your pets and it improves their health in general.

Now we can come back to why it is good for dogs in general. The health benefits of this fruit are mainly due to the high level of antioxidants present in it. 

When these antioxidants bind with free radicals found in the blood, they get rid of these particles and allow your blood vessels to carry oxygen-rich blood throughout the body and to all the parts where it is needed. 

This means that there will be a better circulation of oxygen-rich blood to all the parts of your pet’s body and that means good health.


According to the above discussion about “can dogs eat dragon fruit or can dogs have dragon fruit”, we can conclude as:

  • Can dogs eat dragon fruit? or can dogs have dragon fruit? – Yes, it is healthy
  • Is dragon fruit good for dogs? or Is dragon fruit safe for dogs? – Yes
  • Is Dragon Fruit Bad for Dogs – Yes, If a dog eat dragon fruit too much
  • Can dogs eat dragon fruit seeds? – No
  • Can Dogs Eat dragon fruit skin? – No

Disclaimer: I wrote an article according to my knowledge about Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit. I am Not a professional Vet, I am just sharing my knowledge. So You must have to take advice from the vet before offering any food to your dog.

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