Why do dogs wink at you? 3 Main Reasons

Do dogs wink on Purpose?

With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a shock to believe that dogs are deliberately winking to send a message to their owner. No doubt, it has become part of their genetic makeup over thousands of years of domestication.

Why do Dogs Wink at you? or Why does my dog wink at me?

Dogs, like many other animals, do not use facial expressions to communicate. Still, after thousands of years of living with humans, they have developed their behavior to manipulate us and adapt to our desires in exchange for food and love!

There are mainly 3 reason of why do dogs wink at you or why does my dog wink at me

  1. Wink because they are Submissive
  2. Wink Because they are happy
  3. Wink Because they are imitate you
why do dogs wink at you
Reasons of Dog Winking

Wink because they are submissive

Eye contact between dogs is a sign of dominance and aggression. You will notice that right before the dogs start fighting, there will be a gaze period first.

If neither of them interrupts eye contact (the act of submission), a struggle begins to ensure that one of them takes over the other.

When your dog looks at you, he doesn’t want to fight you, so when you look back, he either looks down or starts winking at you.

This behavior shows that they represent you as dominant in the pack. A wink is to interrupt your gaze and keep the peace. So these are the reason why do dogs wink at you because of submissive.

Wink because they are happy: What does it mean when a dog winks at you?

An angry dog ​​won’t be playful. A submissive dog will and will want to have fun.

The happier your dog is, the more he will wink or respond to you, and besides winking, there are other signs to watch out for to make sure your dog is happy. So this is the reason ” what does it mean when a dog winks at you or What does it mean when your dog winks at you”

Winking because they imitate you

Another possible reason for winking is because your dog may be imitating your behavior. Dogs are brilliant and can begin to imitate their owners the more they are around them.

Wink usually starts with things that you may overlook, such as dreams when you are asleep, rest when you are sleeping, arousal when you are aroused. This can also develop into small gestures.

If you wink a lot at your dog, he may pick up on this behavior and repeat it to you. Imitation behavior becomes more apparent when there is more than one dog in your home; the younger dogs follow the older dog’s lead.

Simulating behavior can help teach dogs new behaviors. Rescue dogs from abused homes will be reintegrated into new homes with the help of healthy adult dogs.

Once a rescue dog accepts an adult dog as a role model, they learn to put aside the psychological problems that influenced their behavior and act like an adult dog. So these are the reason “why do dogs wink at you”.

What if the dog winking too much?

If your dog blinks excessively, it could indicate a genetic condition called entropion. Entropion is where the affected eyelid rolls inward towards the eyeball, irritating.
This condition can be excruciating and, if left untreated, can lead to corneal ulceration and blindness. If you notice severe crying, soreness, or excessive winking, or blinking, see your veterinarian.

How to train your dog to wink

why do dogs wink at you
How to Train you dog to wink

If you like it when your dog winks at you with one eye, but you want it to happen on command, or more often, then there are ways to teach this behavior.

Dogs love to please their owners, and shaping their behavior encourages your dog to behave in a certain way. This is a beneficial concept to understand when training your dog. The more you know shape formation, the easier it will be to train your dog.

Behavior shaping is the use of a series of steps to teach your dog a new behavior. Breaking it down into achievable milestones will speed up the learning process and save you from confusion and frustration.

Plus, as your dog learns more behaviors through positive reinforcement, he will enjoy learning, and it will be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Developing the proper steps for the target behavior is vital, and with a good shaping plan, it should be easy for your dog to succeed in his target behavior. If your dog is confused about what to do, additional steps may need to be added depending on the complexity of your target behavior.

Why does my dog eye twitching?

When a dog twitching his/her eyes, it is not good sign for your loving dog. Because twitching eye and blinking by one eye, it is sign of Blepharospasm in dogs. Blepharospasm in dogs occurs due to underlying eye issue. The signs of the Blepharospasm are Eye twitching, Closing one eye repeatedly, Squinting. The causes of Blepharospasm are Foreign Body, Blepharitis, Entropion, Corneal Ulcer, Pannus, Blastomycosis.

If you see the above sign you should contact your dog’s vet immediately. Normally Blepharospasm is removed from the some eye drops but in some cases it requires surgery. 

What does it mean when a dog stares at you?

When a dog stares at you, it is not worry about you. Because by the staring at you he/she trying to say to you ” I Love you”, What we will do next, I want you to do it. So dog starring at you is not worry but it can be say that you and your dog has very good relation and your dog is love you.

Why Do Dogs Blink?

If a dog blink with both eyes, it is not worry about. By the blinking they are trying to say that I am relaxing now or I am feeling relax here. Dogs are copy some of the human signs, dog winking and dog blinking some of them.

If your dog blinks only one eye for a long time, it may be a sign of illness. Sometimes I close one eye when it’s dazzling, but only for a short time. If you’re winking for a long time, take it to the hospital right away. For some reason, the crushed eye may have been damaged.

If you have more eyes than usual, or if you have a lot of gestures such as rubbing your eyes with your front legs, you may get sick or injured, so go to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible.


According to above discussion about about Why do dogs wink at you or Why does my dog wink at me, we can say that they are trying to say submission, Happiness or imitate you. Dog blinking also normal but he/she should not blink with one eye. 

If your dog twitching at you, there may be sign of Blepharospasm in dogs, you should contact vet for eye twitching.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I wrote an article on "why do dogs wink at you," according to my knowledge, and I am not a professional vet. It would be best if you had to take advice from your dog's vet for any health related issue.

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